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Helping people like you is our legacy

We are a neurodivergent-led, gentle care philosophy, professional Life Skills, Respite, and Housekeeping Company servicing Vancouver Island

Jennifer O'Neill - Sparkling Legacy Owner


Hi, I'm Jen O'Neill, Owner and Founder of Sparkling Legacy.

Jen started out building a modest cleaning company to accommodate a busy family schedule with two busy twice-exceptional children (inside a multiple-neurodivergent household). Upon realizing the need for Respite and Life Skills services when they couldn't find them, they realized they could use their skills and background to help. 

Home Services with
Sparkling Legacy

Think of us as a hybrid autism service provider, childcare agency, home care agency, and housekeeping company, because that’s what we are.

Sparkling Legacy Cleaning Supplies

Housekeeping and Deep Cleaning

Sparkling Legacy Home Organization

Home Organization Services

Sparkling Legacy Respite and Life Skills

Respite and life skills at home and in the community

Assorted Plates and Bowls
Playing with Wooden Toys

What Our Clients Say

Also, there wasn't a spot to talk about Jen. She is amazing. She is also very medically knowledgeable which really helped our interaction and my fear of letting someone in my house with my skin disorder.

Julie B.

It's such a relief knowing that my house is going to be fresh and clean when I get home! And I so appreciate knowing that my house and cats are safe while Sparkling Legacy is there.

Mel B.

Our family is neurodivergent which is a challenge in itself because of patterns of routine, putting things away, leaving things out, things have to be in the same spot etc Sparkling Legacy has been nothing but kind and understanding, and really puts our family needs first. 

Nicole C.

Wow! Having Jen and Sparkling Legacy in our lives has been life changing. There is no shame or guilt or need to preclean before the cleaner comes because I am so comfortable with Jen. She is so non judgemental accepting and willing to meet me and my house exactly where we are.

Margo T.

Jen is amazing at forming real connections that help her effortlessly move through the tough stuff. She has great communication skills and deeply cares. She listens to our values and needs and works so hard to meet those. We feel so grateful to have finally found the perfect fit for our family. 

Katy F.

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