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About Us

Our founder is a neurodivergent human with neurodivergent children, and decided to use their clinical and management background to help families like their own. Though they have experience providing applied behaviour analysis-based intervention, our philosophy of care includes only positive-reinforcement and gentle-redirection based approaches, and embraces Ross Green's philosophy that "kids do well when they can".

We all need to learn functional skills, but we aren't broken. 


The right to consent, bodily autonomy, access to compassion and comfort: 

these are all non negotiable , including (especially) for kids and those that are often considered "not cognitively able" to apply consent frameworks.

Image by Caleb Woods


Our mission is increased autonomy for all!

The most important piece to us is that everyone deserves and has the right to informed choice, bodily autonomy, and the right to guide their own care and lives. Collaboration plus autonomy equals best-case outcomes.


Our vision is to help as many families as we can by using our own lived experiences and unique skillsets, alongside flexibility (and a motto of "failing forward") to offer impactful, client-tailored help that makes a significant difference. 

Image by Anna Kolosyuk
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