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Our Services

Our services are tailored to each family/individual client in a complimentary in-home meeting, then you are matched with a qualified team of staff who are selected and matched based on your needs. When the right staff isn't available, we source them specifically for you.

Our staff mix includes: clinically experienced respite staff (former nurses, care aides, counsellors), life-experienced respite staff (neurodiverse people, teaching students, and childcare workers who have a desire to work with special needs kids), as well as housekeepers and professional organizers.

For eligible clients, we offer direct-billing to ICBC, MCFD, CYSN, Autism Funding Unit, Veterans' Affairs, and private insurance providers in addition to private-pay services, so if you need help but can't pay out of pocket, still reach out and we may be able to help you. 

Cleaning in the Bathroom

Housekeeping and Deep Cleaning

Folded Towels

Home Organization Services

Plastic Farm Animals

Respite and life skills at home and in the community

Cleaning and housekeeping is our original service offering, and we are great at it (and non-judgemental!)


We especially love helping clients who need help getting back on track, or who have a hard time cleaning for themselves due to car accident, overwhelm, or executive dysfunction.


We can help with dishes, laundry, bed making, food prep, and grocery shopping as part of this service.  

Our cleaning services have grown organically to include organization and organizational systems. If you have stacks of doom boxes/junk drawers, a scary clothes closet, or a laundry room with a massive laundry mountain, let us come and help you make a plan for a more workable solution. 

If you are eligible for ICBC direct billing, this is an included service inside those rates. 

Let our qualified staff come to your home and spend time with your family member so you can have a bath, drink a coffee alone in a coffee shop, go for a walk in the forest, work, or even just sleep soundly. 

A clinical member of staff does a comprehensive intake and we work together with your social worker or other clinical health professional to ensure the plan is safe, effective, and a comfortable fit for everyone. 

Please note: we are not offering one-off single service visits to new clients at this time due to overwhelming demand for ongoing client work, and our minimum service time is two hours. 

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